Get Next Generation Employee Safety Coverage With STAN PLUS ALPHACARE

At StanPlus, we have always believed in pushing the envelope when it comes to healthcare safety by providing the finest healthcare services to all.

And with our corporate partnership - AlphaCare, you too can ensure that your employees get the best & most exclusive healthcare security system & a prompt, proficient & personalized private ambulance service that is always there for them.

Patient Transport Vehicle

Protect your Organization. 24X7

Service Offering

A Quick Response Team (QRT) dedicated to the company that provides
24X7 medical coordination and ambulance assistance services

The QRT will be capable of handling even the most critical cases
with the help of trained paramedics, drivers and support staff

Trained paramedics, drivers and support staff

Our entire network of partner hospitals

GPS tracking and the best trained & professional paramedics

Maintenance and equipment handling in MUVs

Flexibility of add-on features for equipment

Patient Transport Vehicle
Patient Transport Vehicle

Product features

CritiCare XV

  • An advanced vehicle equipped with all life-saving equipment.
  • Ideal for critical emergency cases.
  • Defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pump, cardiac support among other equipment.

BasiCare MV

  • The rear end of the vehicle equipped with a ramp for wheelchair and stretcher slide.
  • Seat swivel with 90-degree axis rotation for ease of access.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art bespoke MUV vehicles that suit the organization's need.

BasiCare LV

  • Basic patient transportation vehicle.
  • Oxygen Delivery System & Stretcher.

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